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Iron Ivan Games strives to offer the best in wargaming rules and supplements. Strongly based in WWII, we have also added supplements for the Spanish Civil War and modern conflicts such as Vietnam. Look for our stand alone WWI system, Price of Glory. or if Pulp is more your style, check out Where Heroes Dare! Our website features a full catalog of our products and a comprehensive overview of our rules: Disposable Heroes & Coffin for Seven Brothers. We will be adding to the website as we expand and offer more products and features.

Age of Saints, Science Fantasy, Now Available!

Iron Ivan Games is proud to present a new way of gaming Sci Fantasy, Age of Saints. In the open world of Age of Saints, players create their own armies led by powerful Heroes or Villains to fight across the scarred worlds of The Dominion. Saints, The Blessed Born, wield inhuman power in their manipulation of The Host against the vile enemies of the Hexxen Kult, Outringers and Dregs. Players are able to build their point based forces within the Age of Saints universe or use the templates within the book to fit any other Sci Fantasy genre. The Age of Saints rules are 145 pages of vehicles, weapons, characters, and armor to get your dice rolling! Welcome to the New Age, The Age of Saints!

Age of Saints is available in pdf format only.

Stay tuned....

... more to come.

Altar of Freedom, Available Now!

There are many outstanding rule systems available for the American Civil War, but few of them focus exclusively on army-level command. Altar of Freedom allows you to play the biggest battles of the war with multiple players, in one evening, on limited table space.

This system is designed for real historical scenarios like Antietam or Chickamauga, not for points-driven tournament matches. Your role as a player will be to step into the boots of a corps or army general. Operating at the highest levels of command, you will not bother yourself with micromanaging regiments or interfering in the affairs of your colonels. Your challenge will be coordinating your divisions to be in the right place at the right time and wrestling with the outsized personalities of your corps commanders. The rest, as Robert E. Lee might say, is in God's hands.

Scale is Grand Tactical. The rules are designed for 6mm/10mm miniatures, with an available conversion to 15mm.

One turn is approximately one hour & 1" = 150+ yards.

1 base = 1 brigade. Basing is flexible, so long as both armies are based in the same manner. Recommended basing is 1.25" x 2.5" [30mm x 60mm] for infantry and cavalry and 1.25" x 1.25" [30mm x 30mm] for artillery and generals.

Altar of Freedom is a turn-based game, although the duration of each turn is determined by a variable Turn Clock. At the start of each turn, players secretly bid Priority Points for the opportunity to maneuver their divisions before the enemy. After the secret bidding, players reveal their highest bids and begin maneuvering divisions in order of priority. After each new bid is reached, players roll to remove time from the Turn Clock. The Turn Clock is the strategic center-piece of the game, since players vie for control of the clock throughout the battle. He who controls the clock can manipulate the speed of the countdown. When the clock does expire, the turn ends immediately and players complete some minor adjustments before proceeding to the next turn. Because all games are based on historical scenarios, every battle has a defined end with victory conditions for each commander.

Also available now... All Quiet Along the Potomac

156 pages; PDF only

"All Quiet Along the Potomac" is our Eastern Theater scenario supplement. This massive PDF covers every major battle fought in the east, from 1861-1865. Each historical scenario has been carefully researched, including color maps and Orders of Battle for the armies.

Other rule systems pump out a constant stream of small supplements, forcing you to buy a dozen products to get all the material you want. Not here! Get every grand tactical battle in the east with just one, epic PDF. Still not convinced? Check out the table of contents below to see all the battles covered in this book.

Scenario List First Manassas, July 1861 Seven Pines, May 1862 Gaines Mill, June 1862 Glendale, June 1862 Malvern Hill, July 1862 Second Manassas, August 1862 Antietam, September 1862 Fredericksburg, December 1862 Chancellorsville, May 1863 Gettysburg, July 1863 The Wilderness, May 1864 Spotsylvania, May 1864 Drewry's Bluff, May 1864 Cold Harbor, June 1864 Third Winchester, September 1864 Cedar Creek, October 1864 Sailor's Creek, April 1865

VICTUS, Gladiatorial Combat Available Now!

The Ancient world’s most deadly combat sport returns! Grab some friends and drag them into the sands of the arena for the ultimate competition in Victus, from Iron Ivan Games! Play one off games to settle old scores or immerse yourself in the Ancient world using the Victus Campaign system. Gladiators battle to win their freedom or to gather glory as you advance in both wealth and skill. Think wielding the Gladius is just for on the sands? Think again as the Fortuna tables expand your fate beyond the arena. Victus is a complete stand alone game that puts you in control of one history’s greatest fighting machines using Dynamic Movement, Abilities Pooling and pure Cunning! Don’t think you need to spend a fortune on pieces or a life time building a Coliseum, Victus also comes with it’s own board and Paper models to get you to the sands fast! Test your mettle, make your mark, become the next Victor!

With your purchase from Iron Ivan, you will also receive for FREE the Victus Packet, a PDF allowing you to record the actions of your Gladiator, plus the printable playing area, counters, and cut-out stand-up paper gladiators from the rulebook.

The book is 52 pages and costs $25.

Night of the Glob! Scenario for No More Room in Hell, Now Available!

No one suspected any terror in the bright streaks across the deep blue canvas of the midnight sky as meteorites fell from the vault of space onto earth. In fact many came out to see this cosmic display, unknowing what otherworldly horrors lay dormant in the space born rocks. It wasn't until the first garbled telephone calls and hysterical radio broadcasts aired that the terror was discovered, a thing beyond earthly comprehension. This thing, this Glob was devouring everything and anything as it oozed across the scarred landscape of humanity. The Glob came to earth and it came hungry, hungry for life, hungry for food! As hope dwindles against this seemingly invulnerable terror, desperate survivors struggle to escape it's amorphous maul. Who can escape The Glob?!

Night of the Glob puts you the Survivor in a world of Science Fiction Horror! Using the No More Room In Hell rules from Iron Ivan Games, players lead their rescue teams into Fenixburg to rescue Survivors and gain Military intelligence. This 15 page, illustrated pdf includes 4 different USMC teams, a custom Found Survivor chart, Hidden Encounter system, a complete study of The Glob and a How To section for creating your own Globs for on your table. When you go in, will you get out?! Beware the Glob!

Iron Ivan Games presents Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers: a complete WWII skirmish wargame system featuring infantry, artillery, aircraft, and vehicles. The game is fast, easy to learn, and gives realistic tactical results without getting bogged down in record keeping or chart reading. The game is as intuitive as possible without being simplistic and will definitely reward good tactics. Fire and movement are important and easy to recreate. The main features include an initiative system, alternating unit activation, realistic weapon and cover usage, a dynamic morale system for infantry and vehicles, as well as a target acquisition system to make vehicles more realistic. Vehicles feature historically accurate armor values and accurate gun penetration while still maintaining playability and balance. Play infantry only, armor only, or best of all, realistic combined arms.

Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers is versatile enough to play anywhere from platoon sized engagements up to full company level games in 1:1 scale. A typical platoon sized game can last anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours, while we have completed Battalion sized games in under 4 hours! Our system is perfect for running those convention games and keeps all players actively involved throughout the game. No more bored players waiting for their turn. No steep learning curve.

The basic maneuver element is a half squad or support unit and single vehicle. You can play in 15mm, 20mm, and 25/28mm with ease, even 54mm. The game minimizes counters and is virtually chartless for infantry. No charts are used to determine a combat result, though some are used to provide organized information. Spend more time playing and less time looking things up! The only dice needed are several ten sided dice. The main rulebook includes all the rules needed to play and covers infantry, vehicles, artillery, air support, paratrooper drops, mines, smoke, and weather. Also included are short basic army lists (German, American, British, and Soviet for late war) with historically accurate Tables of Organization & Equipment to get players started right away. The army lists provided contain easy to use unit ID cards and include a built in points system for players who wish to use historically accurate forces while playing a balanced game.

Iron Ivan Games plan on continuing to release books and free files in support of the DH/C7B system. Full support as well as much more information throughout our website will include contact information, free "extras", painting guides, more scenarios, special rules, and army lists as we expand.

Statement of Non-Affiliation Iron Ivan Games and its Disposable Heroes and Coffin for Seven Brothers game system is not related or affiliated with Politically Incorrect Games and its Disposable Heroes paper miniatures products.