FALL IN 2008

We had a great time in Gettysburg. Chalfant ran sessions of "Push the Flank", an East Front scenario where the players had to move to the side to gain the victory locations. All of the vehicles for this game were Army Group North including 38t's, PzIVs, BT-7s, T-34s, and an awesome looking T-35. The Germans are the early war line from Crusader (including horse mounted recon), the Soviets are BTD. Keith ran sessions of "Happy New Year Fritz!" which was a novel scenario, depicting some of the fierce fighting that occured AFTER the German advance during the Battle of the Bulge had faltered. Special scenario rules included the US engineers having to clear a road block. Vehicles from Corgi, infantry models from Crusader and Artizan. Enjoy some pictures from these games.... tried to get images between turns and between sessions so there were less markers showing. Click on the images below to go to larger versions, use your web browser to navigate back to this page.


We participated in the Greater Pacific War Project by running a company level game representing the battle of Kohima. This was a large board, over 300 25mm miniatures, mostly Battle Honors with some Brigade Games miniatures. The battle was difficult but enjoyable for all of the particiapnts. The Japanese managed to cross the tennis court, and made it to the upper terrace before being thrown back by the remnants of the Indian platoon. The game concluded as a hard fought draw with the Japanese maintaining a presence on the Tennis Court--a more or less historical outcome.